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How a Crypto firm generates 400+ articles a week for just $1.5k/mnth with AI & remote content editor


Cryptocurrency trading has become a popular activity in recent years with the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. As a result, companies that offer trading platforms, cryptocurrency news, and other related services have been growing in number. One of these companies is a cryptocurrency trading app based in Asia, which provides a range of services, including bitcoin price alerts, news, mining information, e-wallets, and crypto brokerage services.

This company started as a crypto data platform in late 2012, and it has since become one of the world's most trusted cryptocurrency aggregated exchanges, with over 10 million users worldwide in more than 170 different countries. To keep its users informed and educated, the company publishes several content articles on its website learning page, ranging from crypto basics to tutorials on how to trade, and the latest news useful for investors. Releasing articles about the latest news is essential to their business nature as a cryptocurrency trading company and for SEO purposes, as it helps them rank higher in search engine results when users search for crypto-related keywords.


While content creation is crucial for the company's growth, they did not have enough manpower to write and edit hundreds of articles and release them on a weekly basis. There was a need for reliable content editors who could write high-quality articles. The content editors must also have experience and knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other tech-related affairs- these being fairly modern and novel spaces where experts are not abundant. Finding such talents without burning a huge hole in the company’s coffers was thus a significant challenge for the company.


To overcome this challenge, the company turned to Crossworks Myanmar, a remote talent solution provider that connects businesses with high-skilled/outlier remote talent from Myanmar. With Crossworks' help, the company hired four content editors who were able to produce fantastic results while being extremely cost-efficient. The four content editors and Crossworks’ fees amounted to $1500 per month excluding the initial discovery success fees (one time) of about $300 per hire. With such a shoestring budget, they were able to generate about 400 web content articles a week.

Using AI Tools To Generate Contents

The content editors would utilise AI technology (like Jasper or ChatGPT) to massively increase their efficiency and output while maintaining high quality and information accuracy. The team also uses tools to analyze data from search engines to identify the most relevant and frequently searched-for keywords, and then integrate them seamlessly into articles and blogs and create SEO optimised content.

However, as much as AI-powered writing assistants can generate high-quality content, it still requires human intervention to ensure that the content is relevant, accurate, and engaging. The content editors hired through Crossworks perform this critical role of reviewing and editing the AI-generated articles, to ensure that it is polished and ready for publication.


As a result of combining a remote team of content editors with deploying generative AI solutions, the company was able to generate 400 articles a week with AI and remote content editors for under $1500 a month, a tiny sum compared to hiring a team of in-house writers and editors. This is an excellent example of how businesses can leverage AI and remote talent to maximize their productivity and achieve their business objectives while keeping the cost under control. As businesses continue to evolve and embrace remote working and AI tools, Crossworks will continue to play a crucial role in connecting companies with highly-skilled remote workers.


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