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  • What's your hiring timeline?
    5 working days until sending filtered candidates to employers.
  • What's the last month's salary?
    The service agreement mirrors the employment terms. As an employer on record Crossworks has the obligation to pay the hired candidates. Hence, last month's salary is collected as a deposit amount such that in the case of termination or one month notice period, Crossworks will be able to fulfill a contractual obligation to pay the employee.
  • What features in filtering candidates?
    Our team will take a look at your job description, sorts through all of the applicants, and prioritizes them based on the requirements you've indicated. Candidates will be filtered on the basis of technical requirements, location, English speaking, experience level, etc. We do not remove any applicants from consideration, we simply prioritize which applicants you should look at first. First batch - 5 days after posting your job Second batch - 10 days after posting your job
  • What happen if the company chooses to terminate the candidates?
    In the event where the company chooses to terminate the talent, Crossworks may provide a waiver on recruitment fees for a similar service agreement if the circumstances that the contract has been terminated under are considered by both Crossworks and the Company as reasonable.
  • What if we do not have a workstation? (Candidates)
    We have workstations and we can provide it according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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