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About Us

First Remote Hiring Company In Myanmar 

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Founded in 2018, our mission is to Discover, Develop and Deploy the best and brightest talent from Myanmar to work with companies overseas. We act as a bridge between employers and employees, staying up to date with local issues & complaint with manpower regulations. Our goal is to create a thriving community of like-minded outstanding individuals who can relate to and support each other as co-workers.

Our Story

Crossworks Myanmar's humble beginnings can be traced back to our founder, Jeshua Soh, wanting to hire several remote talents for his companies based in Singapore. Having first landed Myanmar in 2013, and coming back repeatedly thereafter, Jeshua saw the rapid transition that the country was going through, underpinned by the internet becoming widely available and a young population eager to learn and develop. As he hired the first few team members, the issue of decades of brain drain quickly became apparent, with the silver-lining being that not everyone wanted to leave, and some were even choosing to return to Myanmar.

In 2019, our first co-working space was established as we started remote hiring for other companies with the aim of bringing in more good job opportunities for outstanding Myanmar talent. Amidst the global 'war on talent', the confluence of remote work becoming normalised amidst the global covid-19 pandemic, and a generation of local talent that have come online in the last decade or opted to return to Myanmar, has contributed to the rapid growth in the number of remote talents under our management. As many international companies have opted to pause projects or pull out of the Myanmar market in recent times, even more top talent has become available and we are redoubling our efforts to place these individuals with companies that can provide suitable opportunities.


Word from our Founder:

Mr. Jeshua Soh

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People are the core of the business, but the new generation increasingly believes that they are but a cog in a system- that employers need employees more than vice versa. The secret is not just in hiring, but retaining the best and brightest, providing them with a community and ecosystem to thrive in is the first step.

What We Do

We Find

We get to know your company and hiring needs and provide a cost & time efficient means to hire offshore Myanmar talents in the areas of Tech Development, Media Production, Sales, Marketing, Admin, Accounting, etc.

We Hire

After an initial screening, interviews are arranged virtually and your selected talent(s) are offered the job. We'll hire them for you through our local entity and enter into a matching service agreement with your company.


We Manage

Aside from being the Myanmar employer on record, we help you with HR matters such as attendance, leave/off tracking, monthly payroll to local banks and online/offline engagement with an eye on employee satisfaction & retainment.

CROSSWORKS by the numbers

Meet The Team

Who We Are

Our Achievements

Support SMB 2023: Best B2B Solution (Startup) Award

Crossworks secured this esteemed award at the Support SMB 2023 event by MyRepublic at Singapore's Suntec Centre in May 2023 along with a S$2000 cash prize!

We have our dedicated employer partners and talented employees for the past 5 years to thank. Your trust and collaboration have been key to our success and we're committed to continue connecting startups and SME's with outlier remote talents in Myanmar.

Cheers to more achievements together!

Echelon Asia Summit 2019: One of the TOP100 startups from the region Award

Crossworks made it to the TOP100 startups list at Echelon Asia Summit 2019 at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in May 2019!

We pitched in front of a packed convention centre and showcased the wide array of high quality talent that Myanmar has to offer and gleaned lots of insights from other startups present at the event.

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