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Remote Hiring

Offshore and expand your workforce with our HaaS (hiring as a service)

Recruit talent across Myanmar

Find, engage and hire remote talent with ease


Search for suitable candidates based on your hiring needs.


Act as the employer on record.


Conduct English tests and skills screening.


Provide online/offline employee engagement through a community of Crossworkers who can relate to and support each other.


Formulate the employment offer/contract according to Myanmar Employment Law.

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Handle attandence/leave/off tracking and monthly payroll into local bank account.


No hidden costs! We don't make bold claims of retention, nor do we charge boldly.​

100% of salary goes to employees.

  • Initial Consultation (online or in-person) for company's hiring needs

  • Recruitment and blasting of job advertisement

  • CV dissemination, language/ skills match screening, interview arrangement and formal employment contract

Employee Discovery

from $300 - $500

Monthly Crossworks Fee

  • Contracts/ pass through service agreements (including IP assignment with employee if required)

  • HR Management (attendance, claims, leave/ off management)

  • Proactive employee engagement/ consultation

  • Monthly payroll disbursement through local bank account

  • Inclusive of $37.5 Training, Engagement & Essentials Credit

from $175

  • Access to Crossworks co-working space during office hours from Monday-Friday

  • Shuttle service (on a cost-sharing basis with employee) to and from office space

  • Workstation rental (basic to advanced options available)

  • Exact costs will depend on services required

Monthly Workstation &

Office Fees (optional)

from $50 - $150

Monthly Employee Salary

  Typical salary ranges:

  • Tech Developer (Junior): $500 - $900

  • Tech Developer (Mid-range): $700 - $1200

  • Tech Developer (Senior): $1000 - $2000

  • Sales/ Marketing/
    BD Exec: $350 - $750

  • Video Editor/ Graphic Design: $400 - $800

  • Admin/ Virtual Assistant: $300 - $600

* Exact salary to be negotiated between Employee/ Employer

$300 - $2000

All prices are in USD (United States Dollars). For SGD, click here. For more questions, set up a session and we'll be happy to chat! 

Crossworks Community

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